Flakes and fibres

You want a good equestrian surface for your arena, because it will be more enjoyable to ride on for you and your horses. Poor surfaces can cause your horse’s feet to sink too deep into the sand, for instance, which is bad for its tendons and muscles, but it will also cause more dust to whirl up and will simply require more maintenance.

The right mixture of fibres and flakes will give your surface enough stability. The proportions of this mixture determine whether your surface is suitable for dressage or for jumping.

HVL Rijbodems uses a mixture that hugely improves the stability and elasticity of the top layer. A few advantages:

  1. Can be used in new, but also in existing surfaces.
  2. Less wear and tear, more elasticity and stability!
  3. Increases water permeability of the top layer.
  4. Can be used indoor as well as outdoor.

You can install the mixture yourself or have us do it. HVL Rijbodems distributes and mills it through the surface in order to create the highest-quality top layer.